Professional Footballer Transfer Induction


English clubs spent £627m on transfers and £1.4bn in season 2009/10.


Delivering an effective transfer induction can reduce the length of the "settling-in" period, providing the following benefits:

- The player can feel comfortable and more likely to produce a high level of performance.

- The team performance is enhanced by the high performance of the new player.

- The club receive financial benefits such as; finishing higher in league, going further in cups, increased merchandising revenue and increased market value of the player.


I have completed the first piece of scientific research that investigates the experience of joining a new club from the players' perspective.  This includes interviewing players from both inside and outside of the UK and identify what/who helps and what/who hinders their integration into a new club.  This is now driving my PhD research to develop the optimum methods of integrating new signings most effectively.


Combining this with my practical experience of dealing with professional footballers and business consultancy means that I can provide the following services to clubs:

- Support the induction process of any newly signed player.

- Review of current club induction processes in light of the players' needs.

- Production, agreement and embedding of optimum induction processes.


I can also provide direct support to players or through their management agencies.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can enhance your club!