Consultancy with Sean Ryder

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In addition to a BSc degree in Sport Science and a Master's Degree in Sport Psychology (following my research of current professional footballers), I have over 15 years experience working in sport and business and with clients ranging from professional athletes to blue-chip companies.  This puts me in a prime position to deliver value and support to you as an individual, coach, parent or organisation.


I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals, develop your skills and


"Deliver Your Ability"


Please feel free to browse my site and if you would like more details or a further discussion, please feel free to call me on +44 (0)7970 154929


Alternatively, you can email me at


I really look forward to hearing from you soon,


Sean Ryder




From experience, I know that clients (particular professional athletes) can be very wary of discussing sensitive matters regarding performance.


With this in mind, all individual sporting client meetings and engagements are confidential and contents are not discussed with 3rd parties without prior agreement.


As a general rule, I don't ask for testimonials, particularly from the professional athletes that I work with.  I want clients to know that I am working with them to support their performance and not in it for any reflected glory!


I wouldn't have a business without confidentiality and trust.